Waterstops for Concrete

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Earth Shield® Waterstops for Chemical, Industrial, & Environmental Applications

Waterstop plays a critical role in the integrity of concrete structures. Waterstop provides a fluid-tight diaphragm when embedded in and running through concrete joints. Earth Shield® waterstops are used worldwide by major engineering firms and project owners for chemical containment, water and wastewater treatment, fuel resistance, and ozone contactor structures. J P Specialties, Inc. also manufactures a complete line of high-quality waterstop installation tools and accessories. We invented the tools and technology to thermo-weld plastic (PVC, TPV, HDPE) waterstops (U.S. Patent Number 4,867,835).

Earth Shield® waterstops are designed to meet strict performance requirements and regulations, which helps ensure critical structures remain fluid-tight and stable throughout their lifespan. By choosing the appropriate waterstop design and installation methods, engineers can effectively handle the challenges related to concrete joint sealing and contribute to the long-term success of their projects. Contact our technical engineering team for help with specifications and detailing.

  • We assist the Design Engineer and Project Owner with individual project and waterstop product specifications and certification.
  • Waterstop Shop Drawings, including 2-D CAD, 3-D isometric CAD, and BIM.
  • FAST job site delivery anywhere in the world.
  • Waterstop certifications include NSF 61, NSF 372, CEGS 03250, CRD C-572, ASTM D471, ACI 350, and others.
  • FREE waterstop welding certification class for Contractors.
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